This privacy policy stipulates the policy for handling information obtained from the people (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) who use the services (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) that are provided by RPA Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) through the “BizRobo! PORTAL” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

  1. Purposes of use of personal information

The Company will use the personal information that was obtained from the Users through the Services for the purposes below.

  1. For the Company’s provision of the Services and for the Users’ use of the Services
    1. For personal authentication at the time of log-in or after log-in when a person uses the Services as a registered User
    2. For access to or correction of information that was registered (hereinafter referred to as the “Registered Information”), or for automatically displaying that information on various screens in the event that the person will confirm the state of use of the Services (hereinafter referred to as the “State of Use”)
    3. For automatic display of the Registered Information on entry screens in order to make the Users’ data entry convenient, or for transferring the Registered Information to other services, based on a User’s instructions
    4. For confirmation of applications for e-mail delivery service and for sending various types of e-mail
    5. For confirmation of registration for paid services or for service provision
    6. For invoicing related to paid services, payment, and confirmation of payment
    7. For confirmation of applications for events or seminars or for sending admission tickets
    8. For sending rewards for questionnaires for which cooperation was provided
    9. For handling inquiries from the Users or for the Company’s inquiries to the Users
    10. For handling Users who have violated terms related to the Services

  1. For improvement of the Services, customization, and other improvement of convenience
  1. For improving the content of the Services and products and developing new services and new products
  2. For customization, for each User, of content and advertisements that will be seen through use of the Services, based on the Registered Information and the State of Use
  3. For surveys and questionnaires related to the Service, such as things concerning the level of satisfaction for services and products that were ordered by the Users
  4. For analysis of the Registered Information or the State of Use, or extraction of things that are subject to questionnaires for the purpose of analysis and provision of analysis results to third parties, in order to make the content that is provided by third parties and accessed for use of the Services more convenient for the Users

Information by which individuals will be identified will not be included in analysis results that the Company provides to third parties.

  1. For other provision of the Services

For the Company’s provision of the Services within the scope that is necessary in association with (1) or (2) above

  1. For provision to business partners

For provision of personal information to business partners, according to “3. Disclosure of personal information”

  1. For provision of information related to services or products other than the Services
  1. For the Company to send information about various paid services and other various services
  2. For requests for cooperation with questionnaires or participation in events or seminars conducted by the Company and for reports of those results
  3. For sending information and questionnaires of the Company and other corporations and organizations that are thought to be beneficial for the Users, or for sending third parties’ advertisements

  1. For other purposes of use

In an individual service, personal information may be used for a purpose that is not stipulated above. In such a case, agreement will be obtained in advance.

Personal information may be used after associating it with personal information that the Company separately obtains or manages.

  1. Acquisition of personal information

Mainly in cases such as those below, the Company will obtain information related to the Users, within the scope that is necessary for provision of the Services. Please note that the cases below are examples, and depending on the specific content of information, there are also cases that will not fall under personal information.

  1. Cases in which registration for the Services is made

When registration for the Services is made, we may request personal information such as the User’s name, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, and occupation.

    1. Cases in which the Company will have the necessary registration conducted for use of the Services
    2. Cases in which the Company receives an application for an event or seminar, cooperation with a questionnaire, or application for a prize
    3. Cases in which an inquiry related to the Services was made to the Company
    4. Cases in which personal information that a business partner obtained separately from the Services was provided to the Company

  1. Cases in which the Services are used

If a User uses the Services after registering, the Company will obtain information such as those below in relation to the State of Use, by associating the information with information by which the User can be identified.

  1. Transaction history such as use of services and purchases
  2. The state of registration for individual services
  3. The state of application for events and seminars, cooperation with questionnaires, and application for prizes
  4. Participation in questionnaires, use of notice boards, and the content of comments or statements  evaluating the Services

In addition, the Company may receive, from business partners, provision of information related to transaction records and settlement made between the Users and the Company or a business partner.

  1. Cases in which the website that provides the Services is accessed

In the event that a user accesses the website that provides the Services, the Company will use things such as the IP address, cookies, and web beacons from the User’s browser to automatically obtain information such as the User’s access history and state of access for advertisements and websites, and the use environment.

  1. Disclosure of personal information
  1. The Company will not provide personal information to third parties or sell or loan personal information without the relevant User’s prior agreement.

  1. In the event that disclosure has been requested based on a law or ordinance, in a judgment, decision or order by a court, or by a government office, personal information may be provided to a third party within the scope of the minimum degree that is necessary.

  1. Even in a case in which it is difficult to obtain the relevant person’s agreement, such as the cases below, personal information may be provided to a third party within the scope of the minimum degree that is necessary, in relation to use of a service that the Company or a business partner provides.
  1. A case in which a User has gone against a law, ordinance, or related terms, and it can be recognized that provision is necessary in order to protect the rights, assets, or services of a third party or the Company
  2. A case in which there is imminent danger to a person’s life, body, or assets, and urgency is necessary

  1. In the event that a User has purchased a service or product from a business partner, responded to a questionnaire for a business partner, or applied for another transaction with a business partner, the Company will provide to the business partner the personal information that the Company obtained, within the scope that is necessary for the relevant transaction and based on the User’s instructions. The business partner will manage the personal information that was provided in this way. In addition to performing the relevant transaction, the business partner will provide information to the User by e-mail, analyze the User’s State of Use of services, and use personal information in order to improve the business partner’s business operation and services. The Company uses agreements to impose on its business partners obligations to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Act”) and handle personal information with consideration to the Users’ privacy. For details about handling of personal information by a business partner, please make an inquiry to the business partner.

  1. Correction of personal information

In order to ensure accurate and up-to-date content of the Users’ personal information, the Company may request Users’ cooperation.

On the Services’ website, the Users can conduct procedures for personal information’s (a) confirmation, (b) correction, addition, or deletion, (c) suspension of use, and (d) suspension of provision to business partners (hereinafter referred to as the “Confirmation”). Please understand that we cannot accept proposals made by directly visiting the Company or inquiries made by e-mail in cases other than those that we have designated in advance.

  1. Contact information for inquiries

Information about inquiries on personal information that are made by the User him or herself can be found here.

  1. About collection and use of data
  1. In order to allow the Company’s services to be used with even more convenience, the Company collects data such as those below from Users who access the Site.
    • The date and time when the Site is accessed and the accessed URL
    • The IP address of the computer terminal
    • The types of the operating system and browser
    • Referrer information (information about the website from which the User visited the Site)

Information by which it is possible to identify specific individuals, such as names, addresses, and e-mail addresses, are not included in the data above.

  1. Purposes of use

The Company uses collected data for the purposes below.

    • Registration and confirmation of services for members
    • Analysis of the State of Use of websites
    • Ascertainment of the state of delivery of advertisements, and measurement of advertisement effects
    • Display of behavioral targeting advertisements (only on some sites)
    • Provision of data to advertisement delivery companies

The Company will consider the fact that collected data is important information related to the Users, and it promises to strictly and appropriately store and use it and to provide safe and secure Internet services.

  1. About anonymous processed information

For the information below that the Company possesses, the Company may create anonymous processed information that was processed so that it is not possible to identify specific individuals or to restore the personal information used for creation, and then provide that anonymous processed information to third parties.

The purposes of creation and provision of anonymous processed information are to improve the convenience of services and advertisements, research and develop services, and other purposes that the Company has judged as beneficial and appropriate for the Users.

  1. Matters of information related to individuals that are included in anonymous processed information
    • Gender
    • Age bracket
    • Industry/Occupation
    • Position
    • Month and year of joining or withdrawing
    • Prefecture of residence
    • State of Use or history of services
    • Other information that was registered on the Site

  1. Methods of providing anonymous processed information
    • Provision by a recording medium
    • Provision by e-mail
    • Provision by a method of uploading onto a server

  1. About security

In order to ensure security in the Services, when important information such as credit card numbers are entered, the Company uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for the purpose of preventing such information from being intercepted, obstructed, or manipulated.

  1. Other matters

The Company may change all or a portion of the Privacy Policy. When there is an important change, we will give notification on the Site, using a method that is easy to understand.

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